Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Some Insist They Are Born Gay - Is That True?

There seems to be a bit of a debate out there that people are born gay - and the other day someone contacted our think tank with the premise and argument that it simply isn't genetically possible. Well, sure it is. This is not to say that everyone that chooses to live a gay lifestyle is gay, that might be impossible, but I would submit to you that some homosexuals are actually hormonally predisposition for a gay lifestyle.

Now then, before I explain and with full disclosure, I am straight and have no religion whatsoever, so the religious debate over this doesn't work for me, but the gentleman arguing against born gayness did have some points and his arguments do make sense. Okay so, let's talk shall we?

Personally and previously, I've also questioned this belief that some people are born gay because, well that doesn't make much sense to me, except for a few "biological" exceptions to the rule which I'd like to discuss in this article if I might. Why? Because there are actually reasons and issues which could make it possible for someone to be born with a predisposition for enjoying or even perhaps preferring a gay lifestyle or if coupled with a sex drive causing such interludes to become common place in their lives.

Thus, in this debate, the gentleman states that "one cannot be born gay" and for the most part his evolutionary arguments are sound, and genetically common sense wisdom, but only with the caveats and statement of exceptions - perhaps even less than 1%. Okay so, why does this happen in human populations? Well, we are screwing around with birth control, hormones, steroids, and synthetic Western drugs, etc. might be one reason - and we know it is not totally uncommon, it's even in the historical written human record.

Perhaps, you've heard of hermaphrodite? That is one exception. Then there is another issue with regards to siblings (male) who were born after others, perhaps 3rd, 4th, or 5th born male or more due to the lining thinning in the uterus of the mother. There are also drugs mothers have taken, legal or otherwise, diets, illness which can or might have been the cause of this. This disallows the fetus what it needs to properly develop, therefore those babies could be again; predisposed and have hormonal deficiencies or other issues. There is real science to back up those statements, and it isn't a secret. Please consider all this and think on it.

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